Boardchick of the week | Iris Jönsthövel

Iris Jönsthövel (25) from Delft is this weeks Board Chick (of the week)! This boardchick practices almost all boardsports you can think of, but you can also find her running, mountain biking, cycling, weight training and climbing. She’s living the Style Spy lifestyle! She recently made a nice video of her latest snowboarding experience. Read the interview with Iris Jönsthövel over here babes!

Evey: Hi Iris, we always ask how chicks started this fun sport? Tell us more!

Unfortunately I was only 16 when I first went to the slopes. From then on I was hooked, even though most of my age very well since they are from their 3rd on skies.

Evey: Ah like me a little late so. Have you also had a difficult time when you started?

Certainly. I was the slowest learner in the group so I was always behind. I had no confidence in my abilities and became very anxious. From the moment that my friend Tim took me to the slopes, (he’s the one that’s been doing it since he was three) I was dragged everywhere and I quickly became much better and confident.

Interview met Iris Jönsthövel

Evey: Sounds familiar! I was (read: am) the one behind as well. And what do you find the most about boarding?

I like being in the mountains and be busy outside. That’s really the ultimate freedom, you think of nothing else. Best board experience: this winter when I was with my boyfriend Tim and took as many beautiful slopes off.

Evey: How often do you practice and where?

Unfortunately I only go to the slopes about 2x a year (money). But I always prepare 3 months in advance, hanging in the weights. Legs Training, Core Training. Its prevents musclepain and I can go one for hours. Or if it is not raining I go into the nature over here in Holland cruising on my longboard. Love it!
Interview met Iris Jönsthövel

Evey: How do you stay fit?

I really love (outdoor) sports and am quite fanatical. Throughout the year I switch off to different sports in different ways. Before I go, I often train the gym and I try to keep workouts interesting by always think of other exercises. Food? Cottage cheese with honey! (and.. pink cakes;-)

Evey: What is your favorite place?

Ooh, now I don’t have the money to go to a dream destination, but I would really like to look at Mammoth Mountain in the U.S.. I follow them on Instagram and it’s unbelievable what great pictures they post every day. Scandinavia and Canada are also verrry high on my dream destinations’ list.

Interview met Iris Jönsthövel

Evey: What is your style like?

Well I would say tough but I must admit that I am somewhat of bright colors. People are often quite surprised to find that I have a ‘tougher’ side.

Interview met Iris Jönsthövel

Evey: Do you have plans for the summer?

I always plan for holidays, who does not -] Last summer I went cycling with a friend, but this summer I have surfing, mountain biking and climbing on the program!

Evey: And of course we are also very interested in your own board!

Ooh, this is going to sound really bad but my snowboard is Wed’ze (Decathlon brand). Robust and totally not a problem to use it. I’ve spent more money on my Flow Bindings (where you fasten the shoe) and my Burton boots. My longboard is Madrids.

Iris facts:

On my Blog or Vimeo page I post regularly sports & creative projects so if you are interested ..!
And if I may use this as wise advice: Do not get guided by people who say that something is impossible. Believe in yourself because then everything is possible!
Nice words! Check Iris’ latest video below!

Iris thank you for your nice pictures and the effort! Do you want to be featured as the next boardchick of the week? Mail to blog [at] Everyone is welcome, young / old, with blog / no blog, amateur / professional.

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