Boardchick of the week: Katrien Kegels

This week I used your questions to determine the content of the interview. In a post where I asked you to share your questions, some really cool ideas came in! I’ve send the questions to Katrien and she will answer all of them in this post for you. Meet: Katrien Kegels, Boardchick of this week!

Evey: How’d you get into boardsports?
I ski since since my 3rd year. On my 14th I exchanged the skis for a snowboard. Since boarding was my passion I have worked for about 8 winterseasons in the Swiss Alps as a ski and snowboard instructor. It’s nice to work outside and powder riding whenever fresh powder was there! 8 years ago I surfed my first wave and since: I’m addicted!

 Katrien Kegels Boardchick van deze week!

Evey: Do you suffer from any difficulties??

Big, cavern waves I find quite heavy. They are difficult to catch and when you make a mistake you will be punished. But then again, if you can surf one, you get such an adrenaline rush!

Anouk: Do you live close to the beach for your whole life? And if not, how’d you manage that? I would love to surf, but the traveltime makes it pretty impossible. 

Unfortunately I did not grew up close to the beach. But I did experience that surfing isn’t something you will learn that easy. I worked for quite some tim in Portugal as an allrounder and a year later on a camping in Northern Spain. I’ve travelled along the coast with a camper or to more Exotic locations where the waves are pretty (Costa Rica, Indonesia). I think you best book a one week surfingcamp to learn the basics, Afther that you can take the train to Schevingen (Holland) on your free days (check the webcam for wavenews). When you go on holiday, you, ofcourse, book a trip where you can also surf: practice makes perfect!

Jess: Boardcheck, do you have your own board?

Yes, I got more! For the insiders: A 6.0ft webber afterburner (shortboard for clean waves). 5.10ft fish (loads of volume but also flexible). A 9ft longboard for smaller waves or whenever there are a lot of people in the water. Good for the wave count :).

Nina M.: How do you stay in shape whenever you’re not able to surf?

I run 3 times a week and practice yoga. I also watch myself eating healthy foods only!

Nina M.: What’s your favorite sport?

Costa Rica – Pavones, Portugal – Praia de Amado (favourite spot is a secret ofcourse ;-). Saas-fee Les 4 vallées

Evey: And last question: what are you plans for this awesome summer?

Working hard and meanwhile surf in Portugal!

Katrien, thank you so much for your time! And ofcourse everybody who send in their questions. If you would like to be featured on Style Spy as the next Boardchick of the week: just send in your motivation t :  blog[at] 

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