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Interview with Kitegirl Linda

It’s been a long time since we did an interview, but here we are again! Today we interviewed Kitechick Linda van Lakwijk (31) from Hilversum. Linda is working in ‘normal’ life as Online Campaign Manager at Zoover & Weer Online, has her own blog Wander Life and she is the founder of Kitegirls Netherlands. A busy lady! Does she even have time to kitesurf? We asked her all about kitesurfing!

Hey Linda, nice to meet you! When was the first time you did anything with boardsports?

A year or five ago I found that it was time to try something new again. I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and came up with the idea of going wakeboarding. A friend of mine said that I’d better go kitesurfing and so I booked a kitesurf course quite spontaneously. From the first moment I had the kite in my hands, I felt I had a new addiction. Being outdoors in nature and playing with the elements of Mother Nature is the finest thing there is.

Meanwhile, I can also be found on a wakeboard, snowboard, and longboard! A girl’s got to stay busy, right?

Haha, sure! Why with whom and where do you practice?

If the wind blows well, I try to clear my agenda and take a day off. If my colleagues see that I am rescheduling appointments, they know enough: “The wind is good again?”.

I usually kitesurf in IJmuiderslag, it’s a nice and quiet spot and my friend has his kite surfing school there, called Apex Adventures. In addition, we usually go 2x a year to El Gouna in Egypt. 

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What do you think is the most difficult thing about kitesurfing?

The challenge I sometimes have to deal with myself. I am pretty driven and result oriented. But that also means that I sometimes come across myself. Sometimes it may not be as fast as you want and you have to accept it, which is not always easy because you ‘ like it ‘.

What do you like most about board sports? 

The feeling of kitesurfing that it gives me is indescribable. Being outdoors, one with nature, on the water, forgetting everything and being in the very moment.

They also call it ‘the flow’. It’s special (and addictive!). 

Which board aren’t doing yet, but would you like to learn?

I am pretty content with all the boardsports that I do:-) 

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Very well, What are your upcoming goals?

Especially continue to enjoy! In addition, I want to focus more on coaching other people in kitesurfing. Sharing the Passion: #sharethestoke

What is your dream kite destination?

Cape Town and Brazil are still high on my kitesurf bucket list. Two places where you should have actually been once in your life as a kitesurfer.

What is a musthave?

Haha, an overload of bikinis? Ok, with the cold temperatures in the Netherlands, it might not really be a must-have, but rather fun to have. Nowadays I shop bikinis and wetsuits more often than ‘ normal ‘ clothing.

Who is your kitegirl/dude crush?

I have a lot of admiration for Bruna Kajiya. She is of my age and still participates in the world top. And to think that the current world champion is only 14 years old (which I also really respect; Mikaili Sol).

Bruna is a five-fold Vice World Champion and triple world champion Freestyle in the World Kiteboarding League. She was the first woman to have landed a “backside 315”.

Awesome girls! What tip do you have for beginner board chicks?

Just do it! Any doubts? Go for it! Furthermore, the most important thing is that you mainly enjoy what you do, no matter how fast you learn it.

And of course: what board(s) do you own?

I am currently sailing for Lieuwe Boards and have recently been sailing a custom-designed Shotgun (133×40), a custom-designed Rogue (136×40, 5). Lieuwe Boards supports Kitegirls Netherlands and the logo of Kitegirls Netherlands is therefore on the board. The Rogue has a palm tree design on the bottom. 

Follow Linda on her own blog or via And check out the below video of Bruna!

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