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Interview with Laura Helene

[highlight ]Surf girl Laura Plug (24) lives in a beautiful coastal town just a short bike ride away from the beach in the Netherlands (lucky gal). She has been surfing since she was 14 and today I’ll talk to Laura about how she started surfing and more surf related stuff![/highlight]

Hey Laura, when was the first time you got into surfing?

When I was fourteen, I first came into contact with wave surfing. I don’t quite know where exactly my obsession came from, but what I remember is that in the winter of 2009, the onyl thing I could think of was: I. want. to learn. wave surfing. And please let it be spring soon.

[…] I. want to. learn. wave surfing[…]

I watched videos on YouTube to learn the pop-up trick, convinced my parents to book a campsite on the Atlantic coast in Les Landes (France) for the summer and persuaded a friend to come with me for a surf lesson.


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My parents gave me my first surfboards as a present (A BIC Mini Malibu Wahine).

At the time I had a little bit of surfingexpreience (about two years) and I often went surfing with friends (I didn’t know any other female surfers at the time) until I got stuck … I was scared to go and a couple of years I didn’t get into the water anymore.]

In 2016 I met my boyfriend, who also surfs. And he helped me get over my fear by just going back into the water. Nervous that I was! The first time I caught a wave, I was immediately back, I catched the surf virus again!

The year after we bought my now owned surfboard (een Torq 7,2) and I’m not planning to stop soon ?.

How often are you in the water?

Since I live a few minutes from the beach, it is easy to check the surf. Unfortunately, I can not surf as often as I would like because I work full time.

But the BIG advantage of full-time work is that you can also make beautiful trips! So this year I went to Sri Lanka with a friend to surf for 2.5 weeks and last summer I went to the Brunotti Beach Camp in France for the third time already.

I am also a member of a surf club and there are enough girls who also surf. You’re never alone in the water and there is always someone  who’s in for a sunset session.


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What’s the hardest about wave surfing?

Making time for it. 

Sometimes it happens that there are perfect waves during the week, but then at the evening, they’re flat again. Or that I’m in stuck in traffic when the waves are ging strong.

Fortunately, I almost have my driving license, so I can drive to the beach from work!

Also having patience is a thing. I am a person who wants to learn everything very quickly, but forget to take the time for that. Learning a sport always is a challenge ?.

What’s the most fun about surfing?

The lifestyle around it. When I went to a surf camp for the first time back in 2016, I thought: Laura, this is all you dreamed of when you were fourteen.

Jack Johnson came from the speakers, I was stoked from a wonderful surf session and I drank beer with chill people. Lovely!

I totally recognize that! And which boardsports would you love to learn?

Is it OK if I stick to wave surfing? There’s just so much to learn! Hah. But else, I’d love to learn to longboard! (The skateversion, not the surfing :)).

Did you set any goals for surfing?

I would love to buy my own surfboard after winter!

I’ve got my piggy bank well filled. I would like to learn to surf on a smaller board, so that I can slowly move towards shortboarding.

So: Practice, practice and more practice!

Is there a place you would love to surf one day?

Hawaï ofcourse!!

And in the not far future: I would like to go to Portugal or Norway.

What do you really need as a boardchick, what is a must have?

You definetely need other boardchicks/dudes!

For the feedback, tips and moments you just need to make fun of eachother when you’re making another wipe-out, but also to go on a surftrip or surfholiday! 

I’m also very lucky my boyfriend is a surfer!

What tip do you have for boardchicks / dudes who start surfing?

Have patience! Surfing is a difficult sport to learn and you really can’t surf like you see in the movies, just like that. Patience!

So keep having fun and enjoy!

Thanks Laura for your story and you can follow Laura Plug on her own:, a diary about her adventures with outfits, fashion, surfing adventures, travels and much more!

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