Boardchick of the week | Marta from Italy

The boardchick of this week is a girl from Italy which I ‘met’ through the blogosphere. Marta (23) lives an hour away from the Alps and 2 hours from the sea, a great in-between snowboarding and surfing! Marta once participated in competitions, but now she just does what feels good: surf and snowboard for fun. Although snowboarding was a bit difficult in the beginning, she just tried and tried! Read more about this go-getter girl in this Interview with Marta from Surfragette.

Evey: For readers that don’t know you, when did you first get into boardsports?

I started snowboarding about 8 years ago. Mine’s always been a family of skiers. It was fun because at that time there were just a few snowboarder girls around. I used to do mostly freestyle. Two years ago I fell in love with surfing. And everything changed. Staying so close with nature and being overwhelmed by this purer lifestyle, taught me the beauty of freedom and wide spaces even in snowboarding. So, if I used to look for the best snowparks around, now I’m in search of the best freeride spots! I would never look back.

Evey: We just read that you had some difficulties in the beginning. Did you also have any fears? 

I tried snowboarding’s without lessons. Then freestyle’s been quite difficult as for everyone is!
As regards surfing, yeah, technical skills are difficult to learn, but what was stopping me the most was my fear of deep water! Which I’m still trying to overcome by the way, but surfing is helping me a lot!

Evey: What do you love the most about boarding? 

It’s hard to say. When I’m on a snowboard I love being on top and watching everything from there. This makes me feel free.
What I mostly like about surfing are sunsets. Surfing when sun is going down colors everything just so magical.

Evey: I had the same feeling in december, being on my first top!
How often and where do you practice/do it?

I practice snowboarding every week during Italian winter.
Then I try to surf for all the rest of the year, avoiding the coldest season.

Evey: What’s your favorite place to board? And what is your dream destination?

I like snowboarding at my home spot. Even if recently commercial is outclassing the place that beautiful freeriding spots used to have.
The best waves caught have been in Biarritz, France. Love that place!

Evey: Biarritz is on my bucketlist as well! Just watching the games and Roxy girl, maybe catch a wave? Are you inspired by girls riders rather than looking at guys?

Mmm, I don’t really know. I think I’ve always looked up the Roxy girls snowboard team. They’re amazing!
When there are other girls around, it’s so good to ride with them, cheering each other! But this happens so rarely, especially surfing. So, it’s not unusual to compare yourself with guys and (sometimes) compete with them!

Evey: What do you love to do besides boarding?

It’s kinda hard to say, since everything I do turns around that (even when I’m not physically riding a board). I do love art, blogging, nature and I’m studying media and communication.

Evey: Cool! We look alike. Maybe also in style of clothing? 

My style changes with my mood. But, from casual to chic, I really like being feminine and stylish. Life is too short not to wear a good outfit!

Evey: Do you have any plans for summer 2013? Vacations or anything?

Still don’t know yet. I wish I could go to Portugal (where I spent the whole summer last year), but since I’m studying I won’t have all that spare time again. I hope I can make it!

Thanks for the interview Marta, it was great to hear the ins and outs from someone from Italy!  

Boardcheck: snowboard: Ride OMG, 140cm. Surfboard: 8’ mini longboard, classic outline, round tail, used with singlefin, hand shaped by an Italian shaper.
Blog: It’s about female surf culture. It mostly deals with surfing (longboarding in particular), but it also cares about snowboarding and style.

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