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When sup-woman Anne Marie Reichman was interviewed in 2009 for magazine VIVA, about her plans for the 11 cities race in Holland, Moraine (freelancer) got enthusiastic herself about stand up paddling. Her son was just 3 and she could not combine work, mothering and surfing. Suppen (stand up paddling), however, was much easier to combine. Moraine, lives just at the corner of the canal and 2 minutes from the IJ lake in Amsterdam. A fun way of boarding if you like the water as much as Morene does! But what is Suppen? Moraine has two supschools and tells us more!

Evey: Hi Moraine! Stand up paddling, what is this new cool thing exactly?

Stand up paddling is originally from Hawaii. The big difference with just surfing? When surfing you lie on your stomach on your board and use your arms to paddlen. In stand up paddle you stand on your supboard and move yourself forward in the water with a stand up paddle on each side of your supboard. For this reason, stand up paddling is one of the most complete (core) workouts. You train your legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and shoulders.

Evey: And what do you like so much about it?

That you feel very free. Whether I’m on the IJlake for 2 hours in my bikini on a windless day or on a sunny winter day with some good friends by Broek in Waterland. The Netherlands is full of water, so you can really Sup anywhere. In the cities and nature.

Evey: How often do you practice and where?

In the winter I don’t sup that much, because I have to do a lot of work and lose time for preparing the new season. I try to sup as long as there is no ice (at least once a week I try to do it). In the summer you can find me on my board every day! Teaching, training, competitions, trips and just for fun with friends / family.

Evey: How do you stay fit for Sup? (foodies you cannot live without maybe)?

Because of staying fit through sports, boxing and rowing I keep my body fit and strong. For food, I must confess that I am not so adaptable. I’m a vegetarian, so I do try to get my protein. Especially in the season I make sure I get enough protein. I barely drink alcohol because I find that a great influence on my performance.

Evey: What is your favorite place to Sup and what is your dream destination?

IJlake in Holland! I find it wonderful to go to more open water. The city is also very nice. I just want to get away from everything and be in my own world. My dream destination? Very simply everywhere where the water is azure blue and the sun shines 365 days a year :)

Two years ago I made ​​a trip through the Caribbean, and did sup a few times. During a trip I saw turtles, beautiful fish and soil. Awesome to explore the area on a supboard. I would again like to!

Evey: That sounds great! What can you advise us if we want to start with Suppen?

First take a lesson. I see many people just hire a sup give and get no instructions! It is not difficult but there are some basic skills that ensure you will do well and are good for the muscles. If you sup, you train your abs particularly well and that is something we all like to do right? If you do it wrongly, you suffer from lower back, shoulders and neck. Usually a lesson is enough to then take yourself to get going with a rental board of your own board.

Evey: An abs workout, sounds good! And what else do you do besides Suppen?

Running. Boxing. Fitness. Snowboarding (too little) and last year after eight years I once stood on a wakeboard again. This summer I start at M & M with yoga suplessons, which I don’t teach myself so I want to be there once a week to participate.

Evey: Moraine, cool that in your busy schedule time for us have created! Of course we do have a board check if valve!

I race on a BOGA Tsunami 12.6ft (in this class I in 2012 NK become among the ladies). Races like the 11 cities I sup on a BOGA Tsunami 14ft and enjoy a ride if I go with my son Suppen of 7 he goes on the Bullet 9.5ft (actually a SurfSUP boardje) and on my Bamboo Mahina 10.ft.

Wanna know more about Suppen? Moraine has her own website (in Dutch though), check

Do you want to be added to the list of board chicks? Mail to blog [at] Everyone is welcome, young / old blog / blog yet, amateur / professional.

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