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[highlight ]Grown up in the watery Zeeland in the Netherlands, she now lives near the beach in Holland. No wonder Nina (25) loves to surf. Now Nina is a (semi) professional kitesurfer and she also loves to golfsurf once in a while. Meet the second boardchick of the week Nina Moerdijk.[/highlight]

Evey: Hi Nina, when did you first get into boarding?

At highschool I started surfing, which became kitsurfing later on. Grown up in Zeeland between loads of empty beaches, It was the perfect space to practice.

Evey: What do you love about the sport?

The freedom it gives you. The sea is your play garden and when I’m in the water I feel super relaxed. With friends, girlfriends standing on the water and the stoke you feel. And especially sharing that beautiful sundowner. Those are the pretty memories.

Evey:  Have you ever suffered from difficulties or were you scared sometimes?

I’m not often scared but when I’m between meter high waves, I do get nodding knees :) And once I got scared in South Africa when I suddenly saw vins coming out of the water. Luckily they were only from dolphins :)

Evey: How do you stay fit

I try to do exercises 3 times a week. In the summer kitesurfing or surfing and in winter I like to dance, something I’ve been doing all my life, which is a great addition to boardsports. But what I love the most are outdoorsports, like running on the beach and train my legs and abs.

interview with Nina Moerdijk

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Evey: What are your favourite boardsport places? And your dreamdestination?

My favourite destination is Indonesia and I would like to go there more often. I also really wanna go to Hawaii some day!

Evey: How would you describe your style? 

I find that a difficult question to answer. I would say, come and take a look. I think that will be casual and beachy. I hope….

interview with Nina Moerdijk

Evey: Do you have any summerplans?

I really wanna drive to France this summer and go camping. But I’m looking forward to next winter, where I want to make a real trip to a tropical destination!

And at last, a little boardcheck: 

Jinne Sietsema made a shaped customboard. A J 5’11 purple! A real one of a kind which makes me superhappy!

Nina Moerdijk

interview with Nina Moerdijk

More about Nina? Shes blogs on Not specifically about boarding, but she has the intention to. 

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