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Boardchick of the month Arrianne

Sometimes I wish I started a bit younger trying out boardsports. But hey it’s never too late to start a boardsport (unless you want to be an Olympic athlete, then it is not very convenient). BoardChick of September Arrianne Aukes, already set her feet on a windsurf board when she was only two years old and now competes in World Cups of windsurfing. Yes then you need to start early. What were her scariest experiences? What’s Arriannes definition of the board lifestyle and what are her tips? Today on the blog!

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Where do you live? Anywhere in the world. I have no permanent stay, but when I am in the Netherlands I usually stay with my parents in Friesland or friends in Amsterdam
Occupation? Windsurfer
Education? WO Governance
Favorite food? I love food and I have so many favorites! Chocolate, homemade salads, fresh bread, lasagna, cheesecake, fruit…
Where did you dream of? Living on a farm and becoming a professional windsurfer
What are your current dreams? I want to always continue to do something that makes me happy. A healhy life for my family, friends and myself. And that I meet the man of my dreams
Favorite place? Jericoacoara in Brazil and Bonaire are my two favorites.

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How did you get into boardsports?
My parents are both windsurfers so I got my first experience when I was twelve, standing on my fathers board. I grew up doing it myself later.

What do you like the most about the boardlifestyle?
The feeling of freedom on your board! You’re always outside, practicing your passion with the help of nature. Nothing more amazing than lying in the sea with the wind in your ears and feel the sun on your face!

Have you ever seen something scary?
I lost my sail at Zandvoort, when I had a very long swim against the tide and currents in order to reach the beach. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard was looking for me!
And I once saw a big fin in South Africa when I was stand up paddling and did not know if it was a dolphin or a shark.

Oh bah! My nightmare!
What are your favorite places to board?
I love to windsurf in the Netherlands with family and friends, but also warmer places with clear blue water like Brazil and Bonaire which are my favorite destinations.

What is your musthave as boardchick
My bikini and a good sunscreen!

What tip would you give to others to start a boardsport?
Look for the sport that best suits you, I myself love all boardsports. Also: take time to learn it.

What advice would you give to yourself when you first started?
Practice always something new! I surf for so long but never practiced tricks, I was always more of the surfing back and forth. You learn as much as you try new things and you continue to challenge yourself what makes the sport so much fun.

What did you do this summer?
In the summer I was windsurfing at the World Championships, in the winter I hope to go to Brazil for a month and then I don’t know… South Africa, Tenerife or Bonaire I think!

Sounds like you’re living your dream! Thank you for your time!
Also like to be a boardchick of the mont? Please send an email and maybe we’ll see you next month?

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