Boardchick of the week / Elbrich Elsenga

Elbrich Elsenga is a wakeboard and waterski instructor. She lives, just like me, in Groningen and is mainly found in Harkstede (Groningen). She has almost the same dreams as I have. I also dreamed (and still dream) of Hawaï, but for surfing. And now I dream of traveling the world and to board everywhere. If that will be wakeboarding, I don’t know, because I haven’t tried that yet. Help! So many hobbies to try. But back to Elbrich! Who is this cool chick from the block?

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Education: Psychology
Where did you use to dream of? After secondary school, I wanted to go to Hawaï and windsurf there. I was crazy about anything that had to do with windsurfing.
Where do you dream of now? A board make trip with as many jobs as possible in the world and learning more tricks!
Favorite place in the world? I’m going to find out yet! Soon I’m going to make a world tour, but I think I’ll find Madagascar very nice! Unfortunately they don’t have wakeboard jobs over there.

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How did you get into boardsports?
My brother always wanted me to go windsurfing, but I never felt like it. He then grabbed my things for me and I felt so obligated and could not help but go along. Finally I picked it up fairly quick and started counting all the times I had sailed that year. 54 times! Yes, even with wind force 3 I was surfing. Then he dragged me into snowboarding and four years ago, my absolute favourite: wakeboarding.

What is the boardlifestyle to you?
Boarding by day, spending the evenings with friends seeing the sunset, enjoy a warm fire and a cold Corona. Or just a beer, Corona is a bit expensive.

Favorite boardlocations?
Mostly Harkstede, sometimes Heede, but I also like Burnside a lot! I’m very curious about the new wakeboard path in Zwolle and Langveld is definitely on my to do list.

What’s a boardchicks musthave?
Perseverance and a little courage, I have the idea that women really need to do everything 10 times more than men.

What tip would you give to people who want to start boardsports?

Do not stop after the first time, try it at least 3 times and during different weather conditions. Only then you can truly say whether you like it or not.

Good advice!
And what advice would you give to yourself when you first started?

It is really nice!! Haha! No, actually the same, try wakeboarding a bit longer before give up. Luckily I had my brother to motivate me!

On which (board) festivals can we find you this year?
MadNes, Boardlife and Wakedream

What are your summerplans!
Wakeboard everyday and certainly learn two new tricks! After the summer I leave for Africa and I want to work for a couple of weeks on wakeboard jobs. Then I want to dive, kite surf and enjoy nature in the Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius and eventually work with a wakeboard instructor in Australia.

Amazing plans Elbrich! I wish you all the best and perhaps we will have a coffee in Groningen before you leave!
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