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Istanbul is definetely my favorite city in Europe. Except visiting mosqees you can also enjoy a nargile (waterpipe) and Turkish food under on of the fabulous bridges of Istanbul. I made a little istanbul city guide for you to get to know this city.


First place I would take you to
The blue Mosqee and Ayasofya, sounds cliche, but it’s very impressing!

And what about if I need a shopping spree
Well absolutely enough to shop at the more famous but also markets. Enjoy the lovely fabrics, service and Turkish food.

If you’d take a picture
Don’t go at the fountains between the blue mosqee and the Ayasofya, it’s fighting for the best clickclick, but yeah at whic toeristic place not..

Where not to go
Mac Donalds. Just enjoy the local food under the Galatabrug. Absolutely need to go to Mac Donalds? Then order a Mac Turk (yep, a real menu!).

What If I need to cooldown in the heat of Istanbul
Well it’s a worldcity, so you can enjoy a Frapuccino at Starbucks. Also try a Misto cookie at Starbucks. Incredibly good! Neve found it at any other Starbucks.

Active day
Take a boat to the Prinseneilanden at Asian Coast.  Rent a bike and spot dolphins at the sea, aaamazing!

Best way to get to know the city
Walking or by a little train. From the shoppingstreet Istiklal Caddesi you can walk your way out to the Galatbridge  (leave your flip flops behind, it’s pretty stile).

Don’t leave without
A Nargile with apple tobacco at one of the local restaurants, very cosy!!

Did you know
Istanbul is split up at  Asia and Europe? Spring is the best moment to visit Istanbul? You just have to experience the city?

Wat is jouw no1 city in Europa?

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