Evelyns weekly diary #3 fitgirl

If there’s one thing I am true to, it’s the weekly diary, so far. Kinda sounds like I can’t keep my promises, right? Not totally true, ;-) So what happened behind the scenes?

I for a business project I am currently staying in Amsterdam. A night at the Mövenpick hotel (yes, from the icecream) and a night at the Renaissance. Both are hotels I can choose to stay at for business purposes and they are my absolute business favorites. Hmm, business, I actually had to laugh when I walked in after a sliding session with my new boardfriend Andrea. This hotel is so chique and the guy was like “What are the plans tonight mem” And I was like “Sliding in Westerpark”.  *laughs. My room had such a lovely sunset. Amsterdam, you are so pretty!

II if you’re following me on Twitter. you must have seen me tweeting way more then before. I am cancelling the twitteraccount Style Spy so follow me on eveystweetlife if you didn’t already!

III I started running! Oh my gosh, it’s hard! I am more of a biker (fixie) and longboarder (waaaay more fun).  I hate running to be honest but it’s suppose to be more fun when you can handle the real kilometers. And besides that, you can do it everywhere and anytime. Working on my condition for the next (wintersport and sup/golfsurfing plans! )!

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How was your week, any boardholidatys coming up?

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