What’s in my satchel

Not the most original post for you today, but it’s one which was a lot of fun to make though. I always find it much fun to watch other peoples bags, so that’s why I’ll let you spy into my own bag today! I mean, this blog isn’t called Style Spy if there wasn’t anything to spy on, right?

Anyways, the satchel is from Dress Republic, which I use when I don’t have to carry a lot, because I can’t take my A4 notebook with me, which I use a lot at lectures to make notes. I’m too lazy to buy a smaller notebook, so whenever I have a day at the University, I just bring a bigger bag with me, that simple ;-)

So… What’s in my bag?

1. Small wallet with pailletes.
2. My smartphone from HTC
3. Deodorant I found in the Grazia goodiebag, from the bloggers masterclass
4. Bare Minerals powder foundation (I can’t live without)
5. Make-up Studio lipbalm
6. Hema handcream ( I hate dry hands!)
7. Dior eyeshadow palette (because I don’t have a single make-up mirror)

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