Surfragette VS Style Spy | live in biarritz (and surf as much as you want!)

Maybe you know Marta Surfragette's still, one of the first board chicks of the week last year. Marta was born and raised in Italy, but has recently moved to Biarritz in France with her friend to do an internship. Biarritz is located close to the sea, meaning a lot of surfing. I was very excited and when I asked her what it was like to be there, far from home, to live and the vibe of the French surf culture to do with it, we decided to work together. Result: a short blog post for Style Spy on MARTA's experience!

Moving in together is always a big step, especially if you decide to move finish far from home. Being Italian didn't help and suddently a few questions popped into my head: "What if I can't find mozzarella at the supermarket?", "What if the weather is too cold and rainy?", "What if my parents couldn't come visit me as much as I wish?"

But hey, we were moving to Biarritz, the European California. Situated in the South-West of France closed to Spain, it welcomes all the Atlantic swells and low pressure systems. We have been lucky enough to find a cute apartment almost in front of La Côte des Basques, one of the most enchanting places to surf. It is said that the first wave in Europe has been surfed here in 1957. This became the beginning of Europe's surfing history and you can still smell this "allure" while paddling out with all the ancient locals of the spot. Yeah, surfing at La Côte des Basques you always have to be respectful and no one will forgive your etiquette mistakes … even if you're a cutie little blonde on a Longboard! Try not to catch a few waves as soon as you get in the water, always say hi to everybody, cut in someone's wave is strictly forbidden … Then you'll enjoy your time there.

After I found out there was mozzarella at the supermarket, I pleasently realized that even if the rain is massive here you can take advantage of a mostly sunny autumn and winter (in addition to summer). From february to april you better don't plan your holiday here, if you expect to come home in a tropical tan. But hey, change could be fun! So, I'm getting used to leave home wearing several different layers of clothing … Never trust the morning shine!

Being far from home is not always easy. Even if Italian and French people are neighboors, there are a few cutural shadows which are not always easy to get used to. But at least you have something to talk about when you come home!

Having the chance to surf (almost) whenever you want is a big deal for someone who was used to drive 2 h 30 to get a few mellow waves. You wake up and you can smell the ocean breeze calling you. It's a privilege for a few.

Sometimes I miss Italy-ok, I won't lie to you, I miss it more than sometimes-but I know I'm being lucky living here.

I don't know whether I'm staying here for a long time or not. Taking this big step let me open up to the next adventures.

Where would you want to go move?

Follow her blog and adventures here!

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