Longboarding the street waves: Chicky (longboard) clinics

One of the coolest board- en ski chicks I know in Holland is Sanne de Jong from Chicky Clinics. She invited me for a longboardclinic, last month, at Westerpark in Amsterdam. I promised Sanne to join one of her clinics a while ago but most of the events are around Amsterdam. Because I live in the north of Holland, Groningen, I need someone to just give me a kick to go to the Randstad (that’s how they call the area around Amsterdam) because I either don’t have the money, the time or the energy after a whole week of working. And going there alone sometimes seems a bit scary. But just as traveling, doing activities by yourself is fantastic. You are open to other contacts which sometimes isn’t the case when you’re traveling with, for example, a friend. Well, seem like blogging is good for thing in your private life as well!

There I was, a bit late and after a short first meet with Sanne, I directly longboarded my way to the more experienced group with Lisa Peters as a teacher. You’ve probably seen Lisa some time earlier as Boardchick of the Month (and now this awesome chick is also teamrider of Gravity Supplies, an online longboardshop in Holland). Nice to meet up one of ‘my’ boardchick in real life (RL)! Secretly I’d love to meet them all personally and I would like to interview and photograph them myself, but yeah, living 2 hours from most boardchicks (where are they in my neighbourhood?) I just don’t have the time for it. #bucketlist

The very divers group of women above 30 and girls below 20 were divided between the beginners and more experienced longboarders. Beginners got lessons from Leonie and teamrider of Durke longboards Sanne Rotier. Amazing girls! Next to meeting new girls who love boarding as much as you do, we also learned cross over steps, slides and otherdance tricks. A very effective day and dear Sanne had brought us some drinks, chocolate and mueslibars (cause, men! you’re energy level needs it!after a clinic). Thanks to the clinic I met some really awesome girls and last week I even did a slidesession with Andrea in Westerpark Amsterdam <3

Why follow a clinic?

learn to longboard with Chicky Clinics boards
learn to longboard in the right way
exchanging experiences (boards, tricks, locations)
trying different kind of longboards (from eachother)
learning new tricks
meeting soulmates <3
not expensive!

foto’s by Style Spy & Chicky Clinics

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