Nederlandse Longboardster longboarden over boulevard Kauai

Favourite longboarding videos

I can sometimes spend hours watching longboarding videos. First, of course, because of the (must cheat) techniques. But there are also some really good videos of progirls like the Longboard Girls Crew with their amazing editing and board videos at the nicest spots. One day I hope to be as good as they are. The first two videos are not so long, if you do not want to watch forced videos ;-). The girls in the second video are Dutch and I’m so jealous of their tricks. I’m just glad that I can jump on a stationary board for 90 degrees.


If you have more time then you should definitely see the third video of the Longboard Girls Crew on a road trip! What an amazing girls (and cool background music). Makes me want to be part of Their crew!

Psst … did you know that the longboard girls crew are represented in several countries? I think there will be a new article about them ;-)


Bij 32 seconden draait ze 180 graden, waarvan ik er maar 90 kan ;-) (dus reken maar uit)

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