Mondays Pep Up: Cynthia Rowley wetsuits

Shopping is a girls best mondays remedy. En how we need those on the mondays. Todays Mondays Pep Up are those cuteys Cynthia Rowley wetsuits. Oh mie Gosh!

I accidentaly (not sorry) bumped into these Cynthia Rowley wetsuits (I actually don’t know the brand, but it looks pretty high fashion to me)  and they are my new addiction (pastel and colourblocking). I’m sure you all love them too and we’ll use this excuse “Because next summer I really really gonna go surfing”.  Will you? And the price is OK, for the standard wetsuitprices. Can I wear them to the beach?

Close view of the zodiac print kookboard.

Bekijk meer Cynthia Rowley op haar online shop!

What do you think Jajh or najh?

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