Mondays Pep Up

Hi ya all. It’s monday again. And – as you can see – I’ve got a new section for you gals: Mondays Pep Up. Inspiration is calling me. And if you read the blogpost from last saturday (no? well read it here if you want to) then you must know I’,m experimenting with my blog. For example, you will find new categories in the headermenu, I changed the logo and I’m trying out some new blogposts, from which this one is the second one. But don’t worry, all still in favor for the boardsports. Mondays Pep Up is an inspirational post for that one day after the weekends. Uhu, the morning you’d rather stay in bed. The morning when you ask yourself why weekends  only last two days. Why you don’t have some job as surfinstructor at the beaches of hawaï. A day in which you can use a pep up talk.

Todays pep up is inspired by a quote I found on Pinterest, a lesson I’d like to give you and myself. It’s about starting. It doesn’t matter if you want a succesful career, move abroad, want to become a good surfer or finally buy yourself a longboard. It’s only possible if you give a 100%, study your ass of (or be lucky), save money and own a dose of perseverance. Whatever the deal is, you have to, to join the road. Like I started this blog as a beauty and travelblog (really) turns boardsports blog. I’m starting with new sections, a new blog layout (like you might have seen). Oh yeah and I’m saving for that one big trip one day. So start somewhere. Where will you start?

Start somewhere, quote, pastel, pink, start

photocredit // Pinterest

Oh and love to share a Mondays Pep Up song to start the day dreamery (please do come out of bed ;-)

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