How to | Moving out!


I’m sure you can survive any rehousing when you did that just like me with 38 degrees! Well and I did survive! Although I fall asleep imediately whenever I lay on the couch for just a few minutes. How I eventually survived moving out? Read my tips!

  1. Make sure you rent a ginormous van to move everything at once (3 times is enough, trust me!)
  2. Label every box and bag! I have been searching for my ironfor days!
  3. Make sure theres’s an army of half naked boys to help you (a must have at 38 degrees!) move the washignmachine from the fourth floor with love! (true story! But no, no Magic Mike);
  1. Make sure you don’t have to lift anything up by saying that if you do, you will not be able to lift anything
  2. Make sure you pack your underwear carefully. We don’t want the movers to find out you like pink lace underwear, right?
  3. Make sure theres enough beer waiting for your movers( They will work harder, I guarantee that!)
  4. And at last, repack your bed for a quick nap, you will need it, trust me!

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