New best friend: Nikita

I have a new best friend. Nikita. She is from Iceland and we get along well. She’s from Iceland, which is a real pre, (travel-loving ladies are just great), but she likes bright neon colours. So do I. Otherwise, of course I did not have this blog.

Like me, Nikita is adventurous and loves to play in the powder. Roxy loves snow. Roxy was my summer friend, I temporarily traded her this winter for my new girlfriend. Just like Roxy, Nikita also gets her own tag on stylespy. Jealous yet Roxy? We’re going to have a lot of fun, because we decided to go on holiday next week. Quick? Well if it feels right, why not?

For now many shots of Nikita, because she loves to be seen. And she loves to travel and powder. Did I mention that?

Who is currently your best friend?

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