New shoes

Hi ya all! Today I haven’t got a new weekly diary for you all, but a mini shoplog. You might have seen these pretty new shoes on Instagram and Facebook. These Vans oldskool were on my wishlist for quite a while. I even tried them on a few years back when I was working in a sneaker store (where I could get a 50% discount) but I didn´t buy them for some vague reason. Yes, sometimes I also don´t quite understand myself :-) 

Anyways, I finally bought them, secondhanded (yeah, some might think it’s disgusting) from a little girl who had to forcely sell them from her mother because she might be growing a few inches. The shoes are lovely for longboarding (cruising) but I also wear them to work with a black skinny jeans and a plain tshirt. Haven’t catched any weird disease though hehe (for the ones who think secondhanded shoes are disgusting)

And no, ain’t got a Vans addiction ;-) ^^

What do you think? Your kinda shoe?

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