New York highlights

One of my guilty pleasures ( oh boy I hate that word) is the Starbucks , but only when traveling. With a Starbucks on every corner in New York, it’s not easy to avoid them. And although most of the people think it’s not even good, I disagree. I soon was rushing inside the Starbucks to get out as Emily again (yeah my name is hard to understand). With a Guidebook in one hand and a caramel latte macchiato in the other, my notebook and crumpled paper citymap made me hyperactive for 7 days (coffee is definitely good for travelling, girls).

We have seen a lot and did so much in New York, And boy how badly did our knees and feet hurt at one point! One night I even came back in the apartment with a bloody sock talking about shopping till you bleed! I can truly say that 7 days in New York, is too little with my bucket list. I MUST come back, though it’s only because of the great sale and the exclusive shops. Oh yeah, and of course the breathtaking view from the Brooklyn Bridge. Having your first visit to new york? And need to know what to visit in new york? You’ve come to the right place. Here are my highlights in pictures, no worries, more pictures to come asap! Promise!

Top photo view from the Millenium Broadway hotel

Brooklyn bridge sunset

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge by sunset

Celebrating my 30’s bday with an Empire (cup)Cake in Meatpacking District

Check exclusive sneakers at Flight Club

Walkin down the Hudson River

New york yellow cab highline

Walk (yep, lot’s of walking) down the High Line and have this typical New York view

starbucks new york, evelyn yellow cab

Vanille Soya Latte in Soho

Take the Staten Island Ferry (free!) and see Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty

Visit Williamsburg in New York

Be somebody else for one day (Emily is not my name)

The American Museum of Natural History (free for the last hour)

Grab a hotdog at Times Square

Psst and many more, still sorting out pictures gals!

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