Tested | Nikita beginners snowboard: Sideway Sista

Are you a beginner? And planning on going to a fantastic winter resort this winter? With perfect powder, the most fun apres ski parties and most sociable people? Of course you need the best and most trendy snowboard! But the big question is, which board do you need? I’ll help you with this review of the Nikita Sideways Sista!


The board is a Press-Sure Rocker rocker, a reverse camber for playful rides (although that to me especially lying on the ground was, but good). I have also just have to check it myself, but according to boardshortz is a rocker: “the extent to which your board in the lengt bolt”. A big advantage of the rocker is that your board less quickly gasps and more agile. On icy and hard slopes, the board only harassing to drive so it did not lie to myself that the icy slopes were not to do … If you a have a camber comes down the middle of the board what’s up. Stores selling rarely full rocker snowboards. Nowadays there are hybrid snowboards: a mix of the camber and rocker. That make the boardjes more agile with a nice pop! And equally Visual explanation, because words tell me sometimes nothing at all:

Get it now?


For snowboarding length is very important. Should a snowboard-generally-between your shoulders and nose. By length of the Side Way Sista another graphic available. And let this k (that’s me) well just a length of 143. An orange back (with bears front) that perfectly to my – Yes again-Orange outfit. You feel the Style Spy house style already?

The lengte’s that came with the board are: 138 143 147 150, 153. Further specifications? Minimum weight 55 kg, up to 65 kg. Maximum speed 60 km/

I had the above bonds per mistake, well you are Evey or you’re not.

The board is suitable for both beginners and advanced and experts and very suitable for freestyle riding (beautiful jumps and stuff). In the powder comes the board fine down and given the length (small) it is a good board to learn and curves. Would you like a small shelf faster than what will soon no longer and I will have to go for a longer board. The graphics of the Side Way Sita boards are designed by Carolina, which among other things the Nikita spring streetwear collection designed in 2012, the snowboards in 2013 and now the snowboards by 2014. Carolina is for the collection inspired by the Inuit Culture and the Orange back (or simply fail the Nikita logo) falls so that you the board from the top of the piste all recognize (at least that says my friend). It is a great boardje to start with, stylish and delicious small to wear!

P.s. Nikita Ninja bindings are also incredibly great! See them here.


The suggested retail price is € 286.00

Enenen? Newbie, what do you think about it? And advanced students, anything for you?

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