Ayers Rock Australie
Ayers Rock Australie

Flashback | Kings Canyon Ayers Rock

The Rock Tour is one of my best memories and experiences of my trip to Australia. The Rock is the name of the rock, also named Uluṟu or Ayers Rock. It’s a gigantic rock formation in the middle of Australia in The Northern Territory. The area around it has a red colour and can be compared with The Grand Canyon in Amerika, although I haven’t been there. Uluṟu is één of the most famous attractions of Australia and believe me, a must when travelling to Australia. 

Australie map

About the tour:
Start in Alice Springs,
Day 1: Kings Canyon
Day 2: Kata Tjuta & Uluru Sunset
Day 3: Uluru Sunrise

Total of 3 days, 2 nights.  You will sleep out in the open in so called swags oe body bags, as we called it.

Bus trip

Kings Canyon

The group

Kata Tjuta

Sunset Uluru

Sunrise Uluru

Thinking about doing this? Check the website here.

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