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On the wishlist: 4 x rolling stuff

I love rolling objects. Skateboards, longboards, skates, roller skates, bikes. At home I have a fair amount of rollers. 2 bikes (including a fixie), roller skates, two longboards and then you have that huge collection of my boyfriend that I sometimes use. And the list just keeps on growing, just like that wishlist. What a spoiled brat ain’t I ;-)?

On the wishlist 1. Minty Salty skateboard

I’m not a skateboarder. And when I wanted to try longboarding I thought I might not be good at it. Surprise, a standing on a longboard is so different from standing on a skateboard. The wheels, length, trucks and deck. I was sold to longboarding.

The design of the skateboard above (100% Walnut top and Maple) is so wonderful. A small kick on the back for control and spray-on clear grip so you can see the walnuts and maple wood through it, with the wheels and trucks of a longboard makes this a nice board to take with you.

Dust_channel_blue .jpg

On the wishlist 2. Dusters Longboard

I love Dropped Through (the trucks are kinda through the board). You’re just a little lower to the ground making cruising even better to do. And you’ll be less tired of bending the knees, because I kinda forget that sometimes on my own board, which is top mount. It leaves me panting a lot when arriving at work. This longboard is so beautiful. pastel + beautiful wood and spray-on clear grip!

Moxi roller skates Mint Green

On the wishlist 3. Moxi rollers

This Moxi Mint green roller skates are on my wishlist for quite some time! Back to the nineties. Back in the days you could always find me on roller skates, I loved them! Above I found them in mint green and suede. My favourite combi < 3
You can buy them here.

On the wishlist 4. Fixed Gear

What is my favourite colour? The Above fixie is so pretty! But without brakes, because a fixie with brakes is not a fixie. The fixie world, the purists don’t have brakes and lighting on their fixed gear bicycle. A fixie has no unnecessary parts except the needed. Your bike may only be called a fixed gear fixie bike if it has one gear and no freewheel. That means you can’t stop your feet on the pedals. Braking is done by back pressure or ‘ Skidding ‘. When you do this last thing, you brake by slipping, something I still have to learn. The above has breaks, but nevertheless, I find the above bike a great thing.


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