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Packlist for Peru!

Editor’s Note: this post was originally published on 29 april 2015 and is completely renewed and updated for accuracy and completeness

It has been awhile since I’ve packed my backpack for round trip. The many trips I made last year were particularly in one place. And that is quite tasty. Now I have to go really efficient packing. Shoes and heavy stuff at the bottom. The lighter clothes rolled up on top and toiletry bag at last. It’s never been a bother for me to under 23 km. In fact, I often get the 15 km. Any small problem where I encountered is the kind of outfit. As you know I have a wedding and I leave close to the beach of 25 degrees to 15 degrees in the mountains. What dafuq should I bring? That question I myself very often in my head. And it worked though! What do I bring:


  • Set gray leggings and 2 shirts
  • 1 black leggings and shirt set plus black dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Wedding set (skirt + shirt + open high heels)
  • 2 jeans which I 1 self to have and 3 shirts
  • 1 long vest
  • 1 warm sweater with CAP and 1 thermal shirt
  • Leather jacket + thin shawl
  • Hat/CAP or hat?
  • 1 pair of sports shoes
  • 1 pair allstars and teva slippers
  • Bikini
  • 3 pairs of bras, briefs and socks
  • Plastic poncho
  • Knee band.

‘ Accessories ‘

  • Daypack
  • Backpack and protective cover with lock to back pack
  • JUSTIN Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • Toiletry bag with a lot of content such as samples, bruiloftsmake-up and mini shampoo’s
  • Anti blisters cream
  • DEET mosquito cream
  • Plane stress pills (Validspert)
  • Sleeping pills for Jet lag
  • Paracetamol
  • Toothpaste and washcloth
  • Flyfit Earplugs.

Gadgets such as

  • My DSLR (with 2 lenses)
  • iPhone
  • Phone travel charger
  • Chargers all gadgets
  • World plug
  • Selfie Stick. Unfortunately I had the Go Pro at home because my friend this weekend going Longboarding on Eat Concrete (mehhh).

Self entertainment

  • Book, (naked men) cards and Word/cross puzzle
  • MP3 player and headphones
  • Public transport card, passport, health card and printed tickets


Some altitude sickness pills. Read also the post about altitude sickness from blogger

Wow, I think I have all had! And it all fits in a backpack and daypack. Now let’s hope that I have both the warm Lima as the fresh Cusco have hedged! I find it exciting and I am nervous to fly. I have fear of flying. That I got only after 40 x fly (rather silly) but you need some if you want to go somewhere! I have a packet Valdispert started. Lima here I come!!

P.s. On Friday the board chick of the month still online, for the rest I have some posts vooruitgeschreven. The intention is to really ff a break from work (and blogging is also work) and to enjoy! I have all social and blogapps except instagram, Pinterest (for my Peru tips) and whatsapp. And of course Skype to with my boyfriend to call.
Every now and then I love you posted via instagram! See you again!

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