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You don’t have to have balls to go to the Xgames, neither do any of the following sports: bmx, skateboard or any other extreme sports. A good heart might be welcoming, because man! I sometimes went to the front of my seat. The hights, speed and awesome tricks…

Respect is what I got after seeing all these man and woman (read: girls). And did you know that this was the first ever women’s skate park event that went down at the X Games? All the tricks did look amazing on tv, but when you are actually there – live- you sure hope no one breaks their neck! You’ll never know how it ends. But it was all good, being close to it and seeing these amazing shows. Oh and I was a witness of a historical moment: Backflip Bikeflip To Late Tailwhip, aha…

The Olympic Parc is beautiful: Parc de Montjuic

Females rocking the parc


The Olympic stadium had suck an breathtaking view over Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia

We had a perfect view, seeing these man coming of the track

Tickets for the XGames cost an average of 20 euros per person per match. A match lasts half an hour to 4 hours (some cards you buy are for two games, like the park was meant for skateboarding and bmx), depending on the sport.

P. S. Blogger FourOhSeven: I have no pictures of Tony Hawk, I had not spotted him, but Travis from Nitro Circus. Had confused both of them :P.

Hope you like the photo series!

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