Gekleurde sloppenwijk in Java

The most beautiful neighborhood of Indonesia? Kampung Warna Warne Jodipan in Malang

The coloured neighborhood of Kampung Warna Warni is a tourist attraction and example for other slums in Indonesia. Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan was a district with dilapidated houses at the Brantasriver. After a makeover of students from the university in Malang, it is now one of the best sights of Malang.

Malang’s coloured slum area

With a group of students from the University of Malang, the district of Jodipan was painted and refurbished. Soon this district was called Kampung Warna Warni, which literally means ‘colorful village ‘. The district did not only become =colourful, but the locals also got a cleaner lifestyle and now earn money from the tourists who visit the village in Malang. By visiting this colored area in Indonesia you will not only shoot some cool photos for your Insta (because that is unfortunately what attracts more tourists than the underlying reason), you also support the local people.

An inspiration for other slums

Because of the improved lifestyle and money it brings in for locals, the students of the university also inspired other districts in Malang Java along the Brantasriver.

How to get to the Rainbow District

At the entrance gate you will find a staircase that runs downwards. Once downstairs, locals ask for an entrance fee of about 2.5 k Indonesian rupiah (IDR) (about € 0.15). You will get a nice souvenir as an entrance ticket. We got some keychains. When you walk past the cheerfully coloured umbrellas you can take a walk along the coloured walls. When you reach the river you will find a bridge and a viewpoint over the colourful district. On the other side of the bridge you will find the district of Kampung Tridi where you also pay € 0.15.

Through the narrow streets you literally look inside people’s houses. It’s a fun way to see how people live here in the colored neighbourhood. The locals earn money from entrance fee, toilets and selling food, drinks + souvenirs in their shops.

The city of Malang is more often seen as a base for visiting the Bromo volcano but in and around Malang there are also many things to do. Definetely add the city of Malang to your Indonesia itinerary.

TIP: Would you like to sleep in a cottage on the roof of a hotel? Yes you didn’t read this wrong;-) We slept in a gazebo at Kampung Tourist, a hostel on the roof of the Helios Hotel. Besides these bamboo houses you can also stay in a dorm room for about € 9 a night. Recommended!

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