Recap | Boardchicks of 2013

After my first experience in the snow, I had gotten the boardlifestyle virus more than ever. Many board lifestyle brands managed to find my blog and also board chicks occasionally popped up through the comments on the blog. I decided to feature these cool chicks myself on my blog because a spy is more fun if it´s a spy in someone else’s life. And it was a success! The feature is one of the most read categories on the blog: the board chick of the week (later BoardChick of the month ) .

I, however, due to study, could not manage to put a weekly interview on Fridays online. Just skip the Boardchicks feature? No, that never occurred to me, and the boardchicks of the Month were born. Every first of the month, I have an interview with a board chick for you online: from amateur to professional with all together one and the same passion: boardsports! What began as a temporary category, although my blog is not just about boardsports , the feature is and will remain as an important category and part of my blog. And the lifestyle and passion around it ofcourse!

As an ending of this year, I collected all the boardchicks of this year for you guys so you can all read them again. To more features in 2014 and even becoming better in boardsports! Hope you enjoy(ed) it! xoxo

All stories in this blogpost are in Dutch, just click on the name of the boardchick and then on the left click on the English translate button to read an interview in English!

Boardchicks of the week

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Boardchicks of the month

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Know someone or are you that one who loves surfing, skateboarding and would like to be featured on Style Spy? Mail to!

Who is your favorite board chick of 2013?


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