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Hotspot: Concert House In Groningen

The Concert House in Groningen is such a cool coffee shop in Groningen where they j also serve with soy milk and chai latte macchiato latte's! And where your orange juice in an empty jar as well. Where you extended (Biological) can have lunch for 9 euros on a brackish Sunday (including aspirin;-), with the appropriate name: Brackish lunch. Such a tent where a nice vibe hangs because people are nice, the music is chill and there where you feel in your grandma's living room to sit, but at your hip granny who like crayons on the wall with chalk. The walls are covered with pictures of clothes hangers, the toilets are hung with posters and wall chalking on the menu you will find the turquoise. The Concert House is such a place where you can choose between the years ninety elementary school chairs in the back to dine, or the living room decor in the front by the window where you can pry to passers-by. Or where they have recycled an old door to table where you (hiding under the stairs) even a kids ' corner find for the busy kids of the hip Mama's and Papa's among us.

The objective of the Concert House is the most original, contrarian and public catering facility of Groningen. And as far as I'm concerned they are there well managed: relaxed, good songs and fun operation! Also blog star Michelle thought it was a successful location when they came to visit me last week.

Edit: and now 2 years later, it has become a nice busy spot where both hip dads, students and the normal man.


Foods herring = share the food. Eating together without rules. Create your own dining experience together, which is all the time, and the amount of the order.


» Poelestraat 30, 9712KB Groningen
» Open from 10.00-01.00 you

Concert House In Groningen

This blog post is the second in a series of blog posts from the city of Groningen. Because I know that Groningen has a lot of fun (in) discovered places and that you are all secretly in love with will be at Groningen. So if you have a time in the direction of my city, then you have hopefully soon miss a dose of fun hotspots on my blog to you no one time to get bored. Believe me, even without this blogposts you will not get bored!

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