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Plans for road trip France

An update to the travel front. Another 3 weeks and my friend and I leave towards the west coast of France jahj!. Our first road trip and my second time camping in France. Yes, I, camping. You gotta love that. And I kinda don’t. But that is one of the disadvantages of going on holiday together: compromise. The spoiled litter in me does not. But my friend just loves camping and my money is on. So I don’t have that much choice ahem, I mean that I like to compromise. I have in the dirtiest hostels slept (I do so again), but camping? What’s so bad?
That camping. That to me is waiting for showering, no mirror in your fingertips, everywhere sand and burn away in your tent. The latter is still the worst, especially after a hangover to your camping erdriet road to drink. But we go for it, boyfriend happy, I happy. Because without boyfriend no car.

We have a triple tent by Coleman where we, luckily, for campsite concepts have alot of space (read: a few centimeters between our inflatable beds). I have everything but I’m still looking for nice camping Chair. I came from below, they are not pwetty?

gorgeous butterfly chairs upholstered with vintage sari fabrics from India. Available here: http://eu.fab.com/sale/7746/zf3oit/?fref=sale-invite-tw


But that road trip so. First of all, we leave for a Longboard spot for my friend to shoot movies. Then, to Arcachon, famous for its Oysters, ports and Dune du Pilat. Connoisseur? Then recommends you already, so here we go for sandboarding. The first day we (read I’m going try to) wild camping, afterwards we drive to Arcachon. Two days later we leave in the direction of Mimizan to surfing. What is still unknown, that is the great thing about road tripping. On the one hand, I’d really like to go, but on the off chance around high season you have again chance that everything is full. So we have to take some of #luxeproblemen books in advance. Anyone have experience with it?

And today, if you read this I’m sitting in Ghent with the nicest bloggers Anouk and Michelle. We’re going to the Ghent festivities and, of course, reports on our blogs. Follow me especially on instagram to stay informed.

Are you ever on the west coast of France? And what do you advise me?


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