Longboarders in straten Den Haag

Sickboards Chick Clinic

Last week I visited the Sickboards store here in Holland for a the sickboards clinic. For your information: Sickboards is the longboardshop in Europe. It’s located in Den Haag (also known for you guys as The Hague) and there’s a big gymnasticsroom behind the store. The clinic was teached by the girls Sonso Masiá and Dani Gaislerova. Sonso was a member of the Longboard Girls Crew Spain, kinda the crew every longboardgirls looks up to ;-) You can check her and the Spanish crew in this cool video. The crew travels around the world to board the best longboard proof places to show their tricks. Both weren’t from the Netherlands, so I think it’s a lot better to become a good down hiller than in Holland to learn to slide). Something they were pretty good in for girls.

sickboards store

Sickboards itself is the candy store among longboarders. All colors, models and decent board brands you can think, are represented in the store. Also to try out. For the clinic they had a wide range of longboards to try out. Today I ride a
Loaded board to try to dance, which is a much longer board. Of course, with my borrowed helmet and pads for your knees and elbows. However, although the passion for boardsports splashes on Style Spy, right? I’m not good at – at all – dancing on a board. I’m a bit scared to use my ‘wrong foot’ in front. Think about it, when you get on a board trying to balance on the wrong foot. And the deck also moves forward with some speed. I cannot. And secretly I feel guilty about it, “you blog about board sports, but you can not even dance on your longboard?”. Yep. I blame it to impatience. You just cannot learn it in one day and when I cannot do it, I lose interest. So bad. Try it next season?

sickboards store

P. S. except that disappointment -in myself- I can highly recommend a clinic. As a beginner, it is a chance to get acquainted with the addictive sport. And it’s super nice to know where you can practice with girls that share the same passion and to try different boards. In addition, you can challenge yourself, or give up as I did ;-) And it was free. Are you joining us next time?

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