Snowboarding or skiing? What would you do?

The summer holidays are really really behind us, or you might booked a wintersun, then you’re some lucky bastard. Last week my boyfriend and I booked our first wintertrip. Not only together, but also the first for both of us. But we are not totally snowvirgins, because we have both done indoor snowboarding, where the biggest obstacle for me was that lift. Who comes up with a saddle seat lift anyways? You understand of course that I’ve never seen higher slopes, epic fail.

Although you can also choose to ski, it was immediately clear to me: snowboarding course! And on this blog I just can’t show you photos which I am only eating ice ofcourse. Although I cannot guarantee that I can snowboard. Fall, get up, snow eating and a dose of perseverance. So I’ve heard. It’s a tough world out there in the snow! Pretty funny though, because my boyfriend says that skiing is like skating. And that is what I do for years. Then snowboarding would be like longboarding. But then down and much slippery. hmmm

Well, snowboarding seems to be much tougher. And, and, given that Daniëlle of Food Love & Happiness describes me  as a tough chick, in her latest blog post, I have a reputation to uphold;-)

For now I am very very curious about your choice: Snowboarding or skiing, what would you do? Maybe the pictures below will help you to choose.

Foto/Roxy & Ski Magazine, both on Pinterest

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