A spy into my life #8 5 things

It took some time, but here I am again with the newest A spy into my life. A short one this time because it’s already the last day of the month meaning that tomorrow there will be a new boardchick of the month and the last month of 2014 will start oh my gosh, 2014 has just started! Just before we even realise it, it is 2015. And on the first of 2015 my blog will already celebrate it’s 3th birthday wauw!  So what happened behind the scenes?

1. I’m totally getting jealous of everyone going on winter holidays! I just got out of my holiday modus boehoe. Here’s a little flashback. Do you see the difference between the snow and clouds?

Missing Hintertux!

2. Obsession with the Roxy Pop Surf collection. I was aiming for this onepiece bathing suit of Roxy for some time and then it went to SALE. Click click, it was mine. Do you like it? I should go swimming now…

3. I’m sooo lazy! This video of me that I posted on facebook and instagram this week does prove it yet again.

4. I went to Nijmegen yesterday to meet up for a bloggerday with friendbloggers (Michelle, Danielle and Anouk). We know eachother from the very beginning when we just started blogging.

I’ve never been to Nijmegen, a town in the east of Holland and Oh my it was lovely. Anouk arranged the lovely day with a gourmet and lovely presents. You made my day girls!

5. Sunday I’ll probably go snowboarding agan in Snow Planet (an indoorhal in Holland) Chicky Clinics had a Test & Ride  Clinic for girls who have experience for at least 14 days. More info on the Chicky website (also in English)!

See you there?

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