A spy into my life 9: disliking getting older

The days are passing by. The end of the year means that it’s almist my birthday januari to be precise. And getting older is what I dislike. Then I realise that 30 is actually a nice age and 31 is stupid. I don’t wan’t to be that thirty something. Thirty is fine. And yeah, you might have guessed it already: last year 29 was comforting and 30 was stupid. And so the complaining repears itself, every year. Last Saturday I read a quote of a lady in a magazine: ”I don’t mind getting older, I’m just happy to count another year”.  And yeah I know that, but it just feels a bit stupid, being the oldest most unexperienced snowboarder in a beginnersclinic. Or being the oldest young graduate in the company I work for.

But hey you’re never too old to learn, right? And secondly: just do what you like. Which is exactly what my blog is about. Even though I have to keep reminding myself of it. The clinic was really cool by the way (no one who ever guesses my age. it’s my disguise).

What else happened behind the screens?

I am now an official mediapartner of Chicky Clinics, jajh! This means that I’m gonna test some clinics for you guys once in a while. Great isn’t it? The Chicky website is now also available in English. Yesterday I was in an indoorhall close to Amsterdam, Snowplanet, for a technique exercise and I tested this Salomon board (that colour! Almost as fun as my bear print Nikita board) and did I buy second hand snowboardingshoes with glitters XD. Well, you’re a chick or you’re not, right?

On Fuerteventura I spotted these Janoski’s and they never left my mind. Too old for this model? ;-)

We have this feast in Holland, which looks a bit like Christmas, but isn’t. You have to throw with a cube and depending on the upperside you have to get present from the table (which all members had to buy), switch them with your neighbour or give some away. Do you like this diamond pendulum?

How was your week?

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