A spy into my week: winter sports

In about 3 weeks I’m gonna go snowboarding in Austria jajh! My  boyfriend and I join 4 cool people, from which I met two on a longboard clinic. It will be a quickie to Hintertux, where there’s already 102 cm of snow! Oh mie gosh! So excited. We’ll sleep in a 8 person chalet in Mayrhofen and go snowboarding (we also have skiers amongst us) in Hintertux which is a 20 minute drive from the chalet. In the coming weeks you can co enjoy my up and coming trip with preparation posts!

I still have to do exercises! The last time I was on a wintertrip I went snowboarding in France for seven days and I always have so much muscle pain, terrible! I feel 30 and undertrained!

I’m gonna look for some good training tips to share here and if you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably spotted my new Nikita outfit already. Now only I need are  goggles , and then I’m done! Whieee. * runs (read: walks) fast (read: slowly) to the gym!

P. S. I’m totally not consistent with the names of my diaries. Evelyn’s diary ‘,’ weekly spy ‘and now’ a spy into. Just as little as I am consistent in posting these diaries. Are you also a bit of what to expect here if you are new;-)

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