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Sorry Sorry, it took me a while before I could post the review. I have a bit of RSI en didn’t want to spend so much time behind my computer. I’m doing a lot of Pilates, stretching and I’m seeing my physiotherapist more then I want to ;-). To make it up to you I have a little review of the book ‘Surf Café Living‘. Since I just came back from surfholidays I really like to check out another’s surflifestyle. Couple Jane en Myles Lamberth, the authors of the book, live at the Westcoast of Ireland in a little place called Strandhill. They love the sea, to surf and ofcourse food. They just published their second book: ‘Surf Café Living‘ and are living their dream.

The first book, ‘The Surf Café Cook Book‘, is aimed more on their cafe called ‘Shells’ and food. In the book you will find particular information on finding fresh ingredients, cooking and baking. The second book focuses more on their lifestyle, their home and decor, DIY projects, and of course still eating.

Boek met recept Spiced nuts

Boek Surf Café Living

The book

The first chapter – Our House – is dominated by housing. Jane and Myles give you a spy into their home. They explain why they chose the materials.

Jane and Myles are accustomed to the outdoors and the warm California. Therefore, they would embrace the outdoors as much as possible even though they live in the cold West Ireland. With an outdoor shower you have magnificent views over the rugged Irish Sea.

The coziness of their Surf Lifestyle emerges strongly in their book. Campfires with friends, surfing in Halloween outfits and growing fresh ingredients, do it yourself projects, their friends and of course the food.

The recipes ‘part’ is divided into four seasons. From Yoga brekkies (muesli with fruit), salads, gluten-free raspberry and coconut muffins to autumnal pumpkin, winter coffee and hot chocolate. In between the food you’ll also find a glimpse of the life of the two: from their home chicken to quotes, stories about other beautiful things that play a role in their lives and many beautiful photos.

The book is full of inspiring tips and gives you ideas to make your life easier, fresher food and enjoy.


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