Uurwerker koffiespot van binnen
Foto via Horeca Groningen

Koffiedaten in The Uurwerker Groningen

I've been living 10 years in Groningen (also known as Gandla). After my studies I go travel, have my apartment denounced and was planning to move to Amsterdam. Something I had in my head for a long time. Always when I'm in Amsterdam come I feel that my city is. I feel right at home. The same feeling I had once before in Sydney Australia, menn what am I missing that city.

Despite job applications in oa. Lead and viewing rooms in the Hague and Amsterdam I decided to do a follow-up study on a level unreachable for me, something I had always been a lot of passion for: Computer communication. Now 4 years later (I was almost as the eternal student) I am ready and I am living still in Groningen.

And I actually think Groningen does a nice city. I expected to find a job in Amsterdam and surroundings, but within a month I found a job in the city centre of Groningen in a company which altogether within my interest lies! What a lucky.

But not to brag, this blog post is the beginning of a series of blog posts from the city of Groningen. Because I know that Groningen has a lot of fun (in) discovered places and that you are all secretly in love with will be at Groningen. So if you have a time in the direction of my city, then you have hopefully soon miss a dose of fun hotspots on my blog to you no one time to get bored. Believe me, even without this blogposts you nie bored!

Coffee dates in The Uurwerker
Starting with the Uurwerker, a breakfast and brunch restaurant on the Uurwerkersgang 24-7. The entire month of August I have my another Academy alumna and on the other side are toiling in a white walls, gray tables computer room, and slowly see this restaurant into this hip spot. The building stood empty for months, perhaps years. It is now one of our regular coffee date spots in Groningen, thanks in part to the hip Chesterfield couches (love!), the base school chairs (now that's nostalgia!) and the large bright room. JEP, vintage interior is always good!

The Uurwerkersgang is a small path between the Faculty of Arts (my studyplace!) and the Uurwerker. This hot spot is the new study, work, chill, eat & drinking place in Groningen! ´ in the afternoon do you drink a delicious cappuccino to get your brain back to work after a UB-experiences in the evening you can order created in a building in the evening studentenish the only wooden pizza oven in Groningen. Or do a bock beer with a large group, because students must, of course, restaurants accommodate hordes SOG students;)

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PS. check also this fun shop Sostrene Gammelgaard in Groningen! Or my fixed hotspot the concert House in Groningen!

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