This is how you save money for your worldtrip!

[highlight] We often get the question how we could travel without working. Today I tell you how we save 25,000 per person for our world tour and how you can save for a world trip! [/ Highlight]

How much do you need?

Not entirely unimportant: but how much do you need for a world trip. On the internet you will find fortunately enough daily budgets for different countries, so we also have one online. Write down all the daily budgets you need and do that times the number of days you leave. Voila, this is what you need. So keep taking into account other costs such as a world ticket, travel insurance, a new backpack and other backpack must-haves.

How much can you save?

Register now all costs and benefits. How much is coming in (ie your wages, extra income, health care allowance, etc.) and how much will go. Consider fixed charges such as your rent, telephone and fitness plan and do not forget Netflix and Spotify. You also have to make a good estimate (unless you already know this) how much you spend monthly on groceries. The amount that you keep is the amount you can save!

For us that was € 50 x 365 = € 18,250 (for the daily budget).


Do not you have enough money per month? Then look where you can save. Put your stuff on Marktplaats, give less coffee at the Starbucks but bring your own coffee etc. There are discount coupons you can use when shopping.

You can also think of making things yourself. Hole in your tshirt? Maybe you can fix it with needle and thread?

Do you find that difficult? Then remember what you do with that extra € 10 that goes so fast on a sandwich in the break: what can I do with € 10 in Cambodia? We know that: eat a whole day!
Take everything in perspective and you will be much better in saving, we’re sure of it!

Ear extra money

Can not you save extra? Then think about adding extra money. How many hours would you be able to work extra. Can you do extra chores? Walking with the dog, working on events? Will it still not work? Maybe you need another job?

What are your tips & tricks to save?

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