Festival Tip: Board chicks festival Scheveningen

Saturday 6 september is finally: the Board chicks festival in Scheveningen! Also Mandy and I are to find in the Saturday FAST Surf village in Scheveningen for this fun festival.

From 09:30 going to the clinics and is there that day, among other things, a surf market, an exhibit (from Satha Poortinga, among others) and the party from 7 pm. On the surf market you can nice hats, jewellery, bikinis, clothing and other cool things score! Also the ' Massage and sea ' is present to relax between the clinics! Everyone (also boyfriends) is Saturday night welcome for the (free) party.

On Sundays, the do it your self day with a yoga session and a Longboard tour. GALs, your last chance to finish the season with a fun board sport. For you all that you also want to call upon boarding, but now you must do it too I find:) last chance babes!

Sunday around 14:00 is the feast ended and you can still enjoy the expected beautiful weather in Scheveningen. Keeps the event's facebook page for updates around Board chicks in the holes. Watch the video above for the atmosphere of last year!

Do you want to go, but not only (that rhymes by mistake)? Please send me a pm! blo[at]gstylespy.nl. Love to meet up!

P.s. At most stalls possible, so make sure you cash in order to score some great stuff!


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