To Follow: Dutch Bloggers who write about boardsports

In the 4 years that I blog I see many bloggers come (and go). In the beginning there were still little, or no (English) board sports blogs. Also now you see them not so much.

What you do see are the many online magazine’s such as Xookazine and the famous skiblogs. Also I know bloggers who to board sports do, but not as main topic they write about. I myself also not. Bloggers often see me as the boardsportblogger, but I’m not good at all in (tadaa secret;-)). And I also write about other things. Before I could choose a niche that was me already printed. T board sports blogger (who still need to take snowboarding lessons, but that just for side.)

The bloggers who themselves every now and then a corner of the boardsports show I have in a list. These blogs I find secretly also the most fun. Not overkill but just enough to get into snowboarding, surfing and Longboarding.

Go follow this cool chicks. Be inspired.

Sabine ever board chick of the month on Style Spy blog about travel, motherhood, running, yoga, surfing, going out and self-employment. Her lyrics let me always laugh. Unfortunately she is blogging the last time something less because, as she writes, she: “the internet is no longer so much fun”. I think that is a great pity, but what they specify as a reason I find very recognizable,

“Read a thread in which Beauty blog fans have a mini bitchfight is to some extent like fun. Only trek I sometimes just bad. Everyone needs but have an opinion and vent online. “

Sabine and girls love boards

Sabine last year went to Sri Lanka to surf. Go check her out.

The blog of Nuria is probably just as long as my blog (we are both so pretty ancient in the blog world). She blogs about her life and let her snowboard trips each year on the blog come back. Of course, she was one of the first board chick of the months on my blog and she sat in the snowboard panel. Fun fact, she is totally crazy about Burton.


Karlijn, of course she was one of the first board chick of the months on my blog, is really a great girl that creatively talented and has cool things sent to me every now and then (the homemade Volkwagen tickets still hang on the wall though!). She makes very nice pictures and blog in addition to Interior and design Kwabena about her winter sports and is showing nice pictures of it. Go follow Karlijn.

The sea is my cup of tea is fun boho blogger Iris who blogs about her travels and a natural lifestyle. She is currently backpacking in Sri Lanka with one backpack, a small laptop, a surfboard, 2 yoga mats and a ‘ cute guy that happens to be her boyfriend ‘. On her blog you can find the beautiful travel, you can see the surf lifestyle beyond them, do you totally inspired to make own shampoo and a nice cooking. She works on trip as songwriter to her trips. She’s living the life I hope to life in one year. Go follow boho chick Iris.

The sea is my cup of tea blogger

Diah I have never seen in real life (like all bloggers in this blog post, but I would like to!) but we already have many conversations on Facebook Messenger. She is currently very pregnant and has the quite heavy with it.

And as I write this I find out that they really just gave birth. Feli Diah!

She is superfit, loves surfing and snowboarding and could well be the sister of Style Spy. We love both of Chapter Friday and board sports. Go follow her if you like the boardsportslifestyle and fashion. She is like me crazy on Roxy (secretly my second I?).


And do you know Dutch boardsportbloggers? 

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