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I have renamed the Weekly Spy Spy to Writers , for a weekly spy, I’m not so good with weekly updates; a week seems to last a day in my experience Time Flies! Anyways in this Writers Spy I want to write down some personal spy < / em >. So what happened lately ? 


Last week I was invited to the launch of Travel Writers Manifesto I with fellow bloggers decided to go


Top photo via  Mandy, from left to right: me, DebbyBiancaLaura & Mandy.

Travel Writers Manifesto consists of three social travelers . With years of experience in the travel industry,  social media and online marketing, Sabine de Witte , Lars Boom and Patrick Mulder respond to the market demands and needs of organizations . The link between travel writers and the travel industry , creating new opportunities and collaborations.

I had read my invite a few times : Am I really invited as a travel blogger? What an honor ! I really want to do (even) more with my blog and travelling, so this was in line of my vision.

While sipping Prosecco and delicious steaks I have seen a lot of new faces in the travel bloggers  world. We go a tour in the Fashion Hotel Amsterdam . I must say that the hotel is totally not my style , but ohohoh, the total night was pretty nice. The presentation took place at the stylish sky bar on the top floor , again very cool! You could also win a trip to Curacao, but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky Eve this time. I immediately enrolled myself to this Travel Writers Manifest, which unfortunately is only available in Holland

I am also inspired to do more than I did with travel on my blog via this page you can find a map of the world with nearly – I’m working on it – all destinations where I’ve been and you can click on the destination for all blog posts on that destination. I am very happy with the result , so go check it out!

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