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Travelspy Bike Tour in Lima

“Did you really cycle through Lima?” Is the first thing my dear (to be wed in Lima) friend Mariela asks me. Yes I did. “That is so dangerous”. Dangerous? I’m like almost advocating dangerous. Extreme sport? Please let me try. So I tried cycling in Lima. Ofcourse not without the safety of a guide that knows all about Miraflores’ traffic rules. So we went cycling on the streets without bike lanes. Or on the pavement, where bikers are allowed. Only when you ring the bell for pedestrians if you want to pass by. From koi fish in Japanese parcs to old olive production materials, ruins, fancy neighbourhoods, the beach, Kennedy park and typical Peruvian food.

P.s. Blame it on the jetlag, my work or whatever excuse I can use for not posting about Peru, while you guys are refreshing my blog every damn minute of the day. I really have a lot to share, to tell but I kinda have a writersblock. My photos will have to do for now, so sorry about that. I´m still excited to blog for you guys but I kinda don´t know what is happening with my creativity. I have an event tomorrow and I am sure I will be back after that. Full of inspiration of how to show you what I have been experiencing the last two weeks. You have to come back in a few days for more pinky promise!

Want to experience a tour through Lima´s most famous neighbourhood, known for its shopping areas, gardens, flower-filled parks and beaches? Try the Urban Bike tour » Yes I wanna know more about biking Lima.


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