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For years I have almost screamed it out, the Canaries wouldn’t be my thing. The type of islandgroup where you’re going if you’re a Grandma (Eveys grandmother to be exact), or where you’re going with your boyfriend if you are like a super boring couple (no, Evey is super cool, I keep telling myself ). No offense, but it’s just wasn ‘t my thing. But as you change over the years so does your style of travel and your view of the world (wise thirtysomething words;-) And a travelprogramn featuring Fuerte has also helped a little bit ending up in a blogpost about Fuerteventura. And as a big result not half a year later, a surf trip with surf girlfriend Abigael happened. Initially, we would travel to Taghazout in Morocco, for the beautiful weather at this time of the year. But unfortunately, one month before you want to book a holiday, prices appear disappointing. And of course the May holidays didn’t help that much.

Having spotted some cool other locations: Portugal too cold, Ryan Air Tenerife tickets sold out and so on, we ended up choosing Fuerteventura. We looked up surf schools and surfpackages (no, not sponsored, paid almost entirely ourselves).

And then a month later we drive through the dry landscape of Fuerteventura where the clear blue sea looks so beautiful against the almost pure white dunes. We drive from east to north, to the village of Corralejo. I immediately see how powerfull the waves are and how they end up in white foam. Big green waves where I can’t imagine of riding them tomorrow, the first time since my trip through Asia where I learned to surf. And I certainly can not imagine that I have ever found these islands so boring, Like why?  Although you can think of a far more perfect location for surfing like Bali, I am more impressed by the blue sea of ​​Fuerteventura. It is, therefor not compareable.

On the way to our hostel, I occasionally spot some palm trees. In the village of Corralejo, we drive through the main street and I spot the best surf shops. I can not wait to go shop my favourite brands Roxy, Billabong, Protest, Brunotti, RVCA, Rip Curl…. Just all the surfbrands that exist. Oh yeah , and of course go surfing ;-)

More about the surfhouse here, or watch my Go Pro videoteaser here!

Have you ever been to Fuerteventura ?

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