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Meanwhile I have been back for already a week from my short winterbreak in Tirol, but boy do I miss that area. Tirol, for many Dutch, is synonymous to wintersports. My own image of it?Anton aus Tirol. Very wrong I know ;-). Click on the above link if you have no idea what I’m talking about;-) and really really want to know.

Do: Hintertux Glacier

Because we (my boyfriend and 3 of our friends) wanted to go snowboarding pretty early in the season, we decided to go to Hintertux glacier (for the experts: height of the glaciers is 1,500 to 3,250 meters). That is the only safe choice if you want to go so early in the season in Europe at least it is. Hintertux itself is the only year-round ski area with 100% guarantee of snow for about 18 kilometers of skiareas. Of course there is nothing more annoying than having no snow when you go skiing. And except for the snow conditions in Hintertux freestyle skiers especially enjoy  the hot Park opening here that opens the current winter season.

Do: Mayrhofen

Tirol has very good sporty areas, but also sweet family areas (nothing so heartwarming as little people on snowboards!). Because we were afraid that it would be a ghosttown in and around Tux we slept in a 8 person chalet in Mayrhofen and drove to the glacier every day for about 20 minutes by car to go snowboarding (and skiing). Good to do if you have your own transport! It was my first time in Austria and only the second time on the snowboard, but I already know that I’m going to do it more often. Mayrhofen seems incredibly beautiful (and cozy) with snow, but I’m also fell in love with the purple, yellow and orange colored mountains surrounding the valley.

Oh, and the Austria après-ski is very famous (yes there you have Anton again). I’m coming back to you (no, not you Anton)!

And what shouldn’t you do in the preseason? Go there as a beginner, the classes haven’t really started yet * unless you have the bucks to take private lessons, I won’t stop you!

And, have you ever been preseason skiing?

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