Surfhuis Casa Hilda

Travelspy: Surfhouse Casa Hilda

While last week I almost daily posted photos on Instagram, I kinda seemed to be dissappeared from earth this week. I’ve been back since Sunday night in the rainy Groningen and went ‘ right ‘ back to work (FYI, Sunday night back at 2 a.m. and at 10 am I was back at my laptop (including the cap ‘ works sucks , go surfing’ ;-) . Yeah, I ‘m careful with my vacationdays. Luckily I could hide my zombie looks with a tanned face Fuerte has given me ;-)

Muscle pain, burned feet and wrists, abdomen myalgia (yes it exists! ) And a fall in shallow water made the surfing sometimes a bit hard. Like thinking you’d paddle forward with 15 miles per hour, but really are struggling like a fish staying in the same place of the water. But men, what was I STOKED! The adrenaline after picking up even a mini wave gives perseverance and you just want more, higher and go deeper. Everything in the superlative form. And once back in our colorful hostel / surf house it is OK to throw yourself on the rooftop all together, or just with sand in your own bed, and then name this a siesta, well deserved.

And I can only recommend such a surf house ! All the people in the house have the common goal: learning to surf (better) . And if you have the whole package booked then you’re either together in the group or you come across each other on the same beach. More about the surfing package of Surf Camp Fuerteventure, ASAP pinky promise!

The surf house is located in the charming fishing village of Corralejo in the north of the island of Fuerteventura. near the sea, the beach and the center (a long boulevard with surf shops, but also Stradivarius, Mango Frozen Yogurt tents and steakhouses). The cosiness in the house can be up to 18 surfdudes and surfchicks . We were there in low season with 10 boys and girls, which changed during the week into a combination of a lot of girls (and only two Russian men who can not speak English, and occasionally said “Da” to you, what kind of meant ” Yes”). How I came accross this house? Through a blog post I had written earlier. For now , enjoy the pictures and enjoy your sunday!

Oh how we miss (friend Abi and I ) Fuerte!


And I got some inspiration for my own house! Love all the surfdetails XD

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