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My favorite spots in Hamburg

Last month, I was 24 hours in Hamburg. Many of the must-do's I can't copy the list. Think of the well-known Hafencity district, where old sheds pimped to sleek, modern areas to live. Also the architecture or take a boat trip on the Außenalster Lake more I had to skip it. After a long walk of the alternative district of St Pauli to Neustadt came we eventually get off at this large lake in the middle of Hamburg. But you know what? It's not about ticking off lists. In the District of St Pauli I was far too busy with vintage shopping. Something I also get a lot of satisfaction from can;-) I was broken once in the Centre of walking and shopping haha.

I knew there would be many skate stores. My friend and I have each other I believe really found. One of our first trips went to Berlin. We did (almost) nothing but skate stores visits. At the time, I worked in a sneaker store. My search then went to Vans, Vans, Vans, Roxy and Mazine. All trips that my friend and I have made now end up somewhere in a skate or fixed gear store. Oja and vintage shops, mainly for me, but my friend buy there secretly also sometimes.

Hamburg is a vintage town so of course we have many vintage spots looked up.  Hamburg is not necessarily a beautiful city. But it is bustling and the alternative appeals to us. My favorite spots in Hamburg are therefore particularly in such neighbourhoods!

St Pauli

If I'm traveling with my friend we always close a deal. I may visit as many vintage like that but is interspersed with skate stores. (which I secretly skate stores also like and that no punishment is it for me, as an aside). Close the skate stores to almost seamlessly on the vintage route. A little detour along the left skate store on the way to the Kleidermarkt and we are both satisfied.

On Saturday there is a big market with all kinds of beautiful things in St Pauli. St Pauli is the new, hip emerging area of Hamburg. Of old suitcases to leather bags and old gameconsolers. Each type of man will find something on the market. Then you have near the Kaufmarkt, the place for vintage lovers where you can go shopping per pounds. St Pauli is a walhalla for vintages hoppers.


In Neustadt, we were mainly looking for skate shops and other hip skate shops. Animal Tracks, Mantis longboards and the physical Blue Tomato Store they have there! Boy I love Germany. On every corner you will find a long border, as in Berlin and Cologne (where I was earlier this year).

After our long wandeltoch by [2] we stop at the coffee chain Balzac Coffee. Remarkable name.


In Schanzenviertel you can find many punk, skate and other alternative stores. It is an area where I feel at home. In each city I draw to such areas. There is a lot of graffiti and the district is not exactly clean. There are many dining options in Schanzenviertel. The Schanzenviertel area delineated by three main streets: Schanzenstrasse, Altonaerstrasse and Schulterblatt. The Schanzenvierteil is an alternative area of Hamburg, but well worth a visit for all ages.




We took a spy in Donnerspark because there are many gelongboard. In the park you can as good longboarder sliden and of course had to have my friend do a slide session, as they so beautiful. From above you have beautiful views of the port of Hamburg. Are you trying to do? Go hiking, the park is big enough.

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What are your favorite spots in Hamburg?

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