Two Weekly Spy: yep, i’m officially ready for colder days

Since the last time I published the two weekly spy, we had a cold few days in Holland. Code violet we called it. It meant it was very dangerous to go on the road, except with your ice skates. It was that icey.

In the same week, I went to Amsterdam to meet with Roxy in their showroom in Amsterdam. I literally went from white and cold to no snow show (and still cold). It’s weird to have a different kind of weather in the same small country.

With these colds in the back of my mind I was very frightened to go to the Dolomites, where I am right now, if you are reading this. It’s -20°! Before going there I packed and bought a bunch of stuff to keep me warm. A nice set of Craft thermowear, a new Roxy jacket with dryfit, a biotherm scarf (tell you all about it later) a mint green fleece, a pair of thermo socks, a buff and my helmet with fur earwarmers inside. When I publish this diary I am off for a private snowboarding lesson til noon and off for a visit to a museum. I can’t get cold can I?

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