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Favorite: Vintage rollerskates

[highlight ]When it comes to vintage, there are a lot of good look a likes on the market these days. For example rollerskates. I found a few really good looking vintage rollerskates look a likes. Just one look on Amazon and you’ll find either the look a likes or real vintage rollerskates.[/highlight]

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A few years ago I did spy a cute pair of girly pink rollerskates in Istanbul -of all places-. They were absolutely perfect! But I left them in the shop, thinking I couldn’t bring them in my bag.

Unfortunately, they never left my mind and I’m obsessed with them.

Luckily, nowadays you have some great vintage look a like rollerskates.

Moxi rollerskates

These are the best vintage looking rollerskates. They’re in suede leather making them look like they came straight from the 70’s! They’re available on Amazon.

They’re available in so many cool colours, from mint green rollerskates to panter print.

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Roller derby rollerskate in blue
Roller Derby


If you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Moxi’s, check out the brand Rollerderby. They have a collection of suede leathers as well, but to my opinion, not as beautiful as the Moxi’s.

Which rollerskates are your favourites?

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