New York highline in Chelsea
New York highline

New York | walking The High Line

New York oh how I miss you. While I take a look over my photos on my laptop I get homesick again. In my mind I walk up the stairs and I enter the park called the High Line, in the heart of Manhattan. On the right of the path, I see the elevated railroad line which is no longer in use. For just one moment we avoid the New York crowd.

From Gansevoort in Chelsea we walk the almost complete 1.6 kilometers northwards. Occasionally I stop to take a photo. I bend a little, play with the sharpness, wait for a yellow cab and squeeze myself into almost epileptic poses. But I did shoot one of my better photos thusfar.  You know, those pictures that could have been used for those Ikea paintings. I am happy as far as what I expected of myself. And as I write this blog post, I wonder why I have not written about this piece of tranquility in this crowded world city. The High Line is what I totally would recommend.


Ben jij hier wel eens geweest?

P.s. Het park werd ontworpen door de Nederlandse ontwerper Piet Oudolf.

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