Wanted: Chicks on boards

Style Spy loves Chicks on Boards and that’s why I am looking for Chicks who love boarding. Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Longboarding? Amateur or crazy good? Blog or no blog? Would you like to be in one of my blogposts with your picture and a mini interview? The only condition is that you just have to luvvv, I rephrase: lOVE, boardsports and have at least one cool pic from yourself on/with a board, for the blogpost. We don’t mind if you are a beginner, professional or amateur! Yes please? Mail to stylespynl@gmail.com

Style Spy loves chicks on boards

This way we meet more awesome chicks on boards. So like to be the Board Chick of the month or do you know that girl? Share and email for more info!

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